Making A Difference

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean play a pivotal role in the complex interplay of the world’s natural environment. They are the engine room for global ocean circulation. Antarctica’s ice sheets, ice shelves and sea ice have a profound influence on the world’s oceans, marine life, sea levels and weather patterns. There are few places on Earth where new scientific research can provide such far-reaching insight and benefits.

On this continent of extremes, nearly everything is different. It’s the nearest most humans can get to an ‘off-planet’ experience. By any standards, Antarctica offers a tantalising frontier for scientific research.

The New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute has been formed to bring teams together and provide a much-needed impetus for scientific research in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean. New scientific information will help to open up a range of new understanding and possibilities. As a charitable trust, NZARI will partner with philanthropists businesses, goverrnments, and research agencies to:

  • Provide world-leading scientific research on the natural systems that govern us, including the implications of climate change on our oceans, weather systems and fauna and flora.
  • Foster international collaboration among the world’s foremost scientists and research groups to grapple with the scale and rate of change, define thresholds and test the resilience of the earth’s natural systems.
  • Support the environmental management of Antarctica as a natural reserve devoted to peace and science.
  • Raise global awareness of the important issues faced on the continent and their broader implications for the planet.
  • Attract, support and develop the next generation of Antarctic researchers, educators and environmental ambassadors.