How NZARI works

NZARI was developed to build a more visible and valued New Zealand Antarctic research programme. We do this in the following ways:

  • By bringing new money into the New Zealand Antarctic Research sector
  • By encouraging collaboration both in the laboratory and in the field so that New Zealand-led research teams can address more challenging scientific questions
  • By building a science outcome-focused research effort, not a logistically constrained effort
  • By working in partnership with research organisations to facilitate the development of core scientific questions


We have developed a new way of working that doesn't constrain the science by what we think we can achieve with existing support, but rather tackles the work as the science questions demand.

The basic construct of NZARI is that it is run by a director who reports to a trust board. Peer review of our effort is handled through an International Science Panel. Antarctica New Zealand is the statutory agency responsible for New Zealand’s Antarctic Programme and provides resources to conduct fieldwork in Antarctica.

NZARI was established by Antarctica New Zealand to help give effect to the New Zealand Antarctic Science Strategy through the development of high quality, internationally collaborative Antarctic and Southern Ocean focused research programmes.


How does NZARI work with Researchers and Research organisations to achieve its goals?


We run a diverse programme with a number of different opportunities and coordinate with Antarctica New Zealand to deliver these:

  • We use scientific meetings and think tanks to develop the science questions and focus New Zealand's research effort. We run these much like Gordon Conferences in the US by putting out a call for participation. Applicants are asked to outline their interest in participating and NZARI funds the costs of participation.
  • We also collaborate with different New Zealand research providers to help develop research programmes and align our goals and efforts.
  • We run an annual bidding round for defined research projects (~$100k for 1-2 years, plus logistic support, if required). Projects need to be based at a New Zealand research institution and focused on achieving NZARI goals. We focus on the NZARI science questions developed by the science meetings and think tanks. Applicants should expect the questions to evolve from year to year as our science effort develops. We always have a category that is open for applications seeking support to develop new and innovative ideas. We ask that bids are collaborative and that bids outline matching support.
  • We have developed a more collaborative approach for supporting larger programmes (~$500k for a number of years) by tender. The call for tenders is based on outputs from workshops and think tank meetings.
  • We support individual scientists that are based in New Zealand to participate in international programmes.
  • We also support Post Doctoral researchers in New Zealand.


There are additional science opportunities that rest with Antarctica New Zealand hosting the Antarctic Science Platform, Marsden Project Support, Research requirements to support government treaty commitments, Long-term monitoring programmes, postgraduate scholarships and other one off strategic opportunities.