Our Partners

Funding Partners (present and past):


Aotearoa Foundation

The Aotearoa Foundation is a private foundation established by Julian H. Robertson Jr.  The Foundation seeks to make high-impact grants within New Zealand focussed on three principal areas:  education, the environment and medical research. The Foundation was the founding partner of NZARI.

Antarctica New Zealand

Antarctica New Zealand provides the operational and logistical support for NZARI and NZARI funded science in Antarctica.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is proud to be partnering with NZARI and Antarctica New Zealand to support scientific discovery.  The partnership is a key component of Air New Zealand's sustainability strategy, sitting alongside a range of operational initiatives aimed at reducing their footprint and conservation projects that contribute to New Zealand's biodiversity.

National Geographic

National Geographic support NZARI through a grant for research on the vulnerability of Antarctica's ice. They also partner with NZARI to produce content for the National Geographic channel, magazine and digital platforms.


Research Partners


Auckland University: marine biology

Auckland University of Technology: remote sensing

GNS Science: geological sciences

Landcare Research: ecology

NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research): oceanography, marine ecology, atmospheric science

Otago University - Polar Environments Research Theme (PERT): ice mass balance, geology, marine sciences, sea ice

University of Canterbury - Gateway Antarctica: atmospheric science, ice mass balance, physics and biological sciences

Victoria University of Wellington - Antarctic Research Centre: paleogeology, ice mass balance

Waikato University - International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research: terrestrial ecology


If you would like more information on any of our partners or how to join them, please contact us.