Connecting Knowledge

Since Scott’s expedition found fossilised fern leaves that were instrumental in proving that Antarctica was part of Gondwana, Antarctica has held a fascination for the scientific community. Many eminent scientists apply their thinking to research projects on the continent.

The New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute builds on this trend by attracting the right blend of high-calibre scientific minds from around the globe and applying these to the most appropriate and important scientific projects. Through international teamwork and sharing of ideas, groundbreaking and innovative science is beginning to emerge.

These days, projects involving single discipline science are increasingly being replaced by multi-disciplinary science teams. This is because different expert scientific perspectives are often needed to provide full answers to complex questions and almost invariably the cross-pollination of ideas adds value to the outcome. Coupled with this trend, the Institute provides pathways for scientists to be involved in projects at a formative stage including setting up the scientific questions. This approach can prove more collegial than the traditional competitive funding model.